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Image by Jr Korpa

It's a family thing

With the thought of embarking on this journey together, Deb and several of her family members found that they each hold a unique style, or preference if you will, on the stories that capture their own true crime interests. Beginning in season 2, you will see how our stories are evolving into specific themes depending on who your host brings on board:

Beth loves the 1800s! So Deb will do her best to bring her stories from this era, but all the way up to the 1970s.

Corey is rough and tough. He hasn't heard of half the stories he'll be told, but let's just say they are just as as rugged as he is. 


Shelbey gets to hear everything else! She loves true crime regardless and is up for the storylines no matter what. Be sure to send in your storyline requests and let's surprise Shelbz with an interesting storyline!

   The Show

Welcome to our brand new podcast - We are so glad you are here! I'm your host, Deb Norman, and I decided to a year ago to bring you true crime that is left open to the interpretation of our listeners. Every week, you will get some of our best stories. And they aren't always high profile cases. The cool thing about Dying to be Found is that we are a family thing, so you will hear from multiple family members. As you listen, you will also see themes depending on if your co-host is Shelbey (daughter), Corey (son), or Beth (sister).  If you are dying to hear us cover a notorious case or cover missing persons, shoot us an email and put us to work! We will do our very best to report our findings and then some. Happy listening!



Find us at

Episode Platform

Like we said, our format is left open to interpretation. We cover a variety of stories including classic and contemporary cases, as well as everything in between. Stay tuned in to our latest episodes that are released every Thursday wherever you listen to your podcasts. *Some podcasts will be broadcast in multiple parts.

*WARNING: Episodes contain disturbing discussions on harmful acts and crimes against animals and/or humankind.  Recordings are not intended for young or sensitive audiences due to the content nature of this podcast.  Listener discretion is strongly advised.

Disclaimer: Dying to be Found True Crime Podcast broadcasts its factual information found in books, videos, online reference sites, and documentaries. All commentaries or opinions expressed during each episode are strictly that. We do not claim to be criminal justice nor psychology experts. We do our best to maintain accuracy, respect and privacy to all victims as we report each storyline, and may not report all factual content or events due to time restrictions. Dying to be Found True Crime Podcast and its hosts are not responsible for missing, omitted, or factual errors during these recordings..

Image by Jr Korpa
Image by israel palacio

Buy Me a Coffee

Beginning in season 2, you will hear bi-weekly bonus episodes to help raise awareness to cold cases, unsolved cases, and resolved cases. 


We do not bring these cases to you for monetary purposes, but do hope to bring you quality broadcasts. With this comes monthly expenses, and  your generous support will help us to continue to bring you quality shows, content, and merchandise. We appreciate our listeners and want to give back to you as well.

We know there are tons of podcasts out there to choose from. But if you like what you hear, please visit consider buying us a coffee at:


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Sound Design




Producer & Host

I recently went to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and my daughter said I wore eccentric well. Little did she know!


Beth - The Sister

Drop-In Co-Host

I knew that when this podcast came along, it was time to switch gears and jump on board. I can't wait for this new adventure!

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 6_edited.jpg

Shelbey - The Daughter

Drop-In Co-Host

Mom and I talk every day, so why not talk about something we both share an interest in - true crime?!


Corey - The Son

Drop-In Co-Host

I thought it would be cool to drop in and talk about true crime. I'll get back to you on my quote!

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